How and why to set metered connections in windows

What is Metered connections?

Metered connection is feature available in windows operating system that is used to limit the background data consumption in your computer, this feature is similar to the “Data Saver” that is available in our mobile phones.

Why to set metered internet connection?

ISP Providers will charge or restrict the bandwidth once the allocated data limit of the tariff exceeded. Windows update and few other services consume more data in background unknowingly and may leads to more data consumption.

In order to prevent background data consumption windows operating system has built-in feature called metered connection, when an internet connection is configured to metered connection few settings like automatic windows update, start screen live tiles and application updates get disabled.

How to configure metered connection?

We can set both Wifi or Ethernet connection as metered, to set Wifi connection as metered follow the below mentioned steps

  • Go to Start –> Settings –>Network and Internet –>Wifi
  • Choose the Wifi settings –>Properties –>turn on set as metered connection

To set Ethernet connection as metered follow the below steps

  • Go to Start –>Settings –>Network and Internet –>Ethernet
  • Choose the Ethernet Adapter –> turn on set as metered connection

Note: Initially we are only able to set Wifi connection as metered from windows 8.1 but once after windows 10 creators update rolled-out we even can set Ethernet connection as metered.