How to do Get-Hotfix Installedon Date Format?

Get-Hotfix Installedon

To install hotfixes on distant systems, the Get-Hotfix tool utilizes arguments. The results are filtered using a description string that is provided. Get-Hotfix restricts the result using the asterisk (*) keyword in the string Safety and the Descriptive input. To make installation simpler, Microsoft incorporates hotfixes into service packs. Keep your computer system updated with … Read more

PowerShell ping sweep

PowerShell ping sweep

Sometimes a user finds it harder to know how many IPs are connected to his computer. There are many easy ways to find them out but the most popular is Test-connection where you directly know the number of IPs working with your connection. Let’s see what you can learn about the PowerShell ping sweep. But … Read more

5 Windows CMD Commands every windows users should know

Command Prompt is the powerful command line tool available inbuilt in windows operating system that is used to perform various simple and advanced tasks in faster and in more efficient way. The command prompt can be launched by typing “CMD” in the windows search or in the start menu. In this article we will be … Read more

How to view installed windows update on your computer

Windows update is a feature available in Microsoft operating system that provides regular updates to all the Microsoft applications files to enhance the performance and user experience but some windows update might cause application issues after installing it, so here in this article we will guide you how to view and uninstall the installed windows … Read more