How to fix iDRAC no trusted certificate found error

We might experience the following error code “no trusted certificate found” while opening the iDRAC console via chrome browser using java.

iDRAC no trusted certificate found

In this case the issue might get fixed while we try to open iDRAC console via Internet Explorer and there are few cases were opening via internet explorer too might not work and in this situation the following below mentioned steps will help to resolve the issue


Please follow the below steps to resolve the issue

  • Note the iDRAC console URL from browser
  • Go to Start menu or Windows Search bar and type Configure Java and open the application
  • Configure Java will open Java Control panel were we could see different tabs like General, Update, Java, Security and Advanced panel
iDRAC no trusted certificate found
  • Go to Security tab and click Edit site list and add the iDRAC console URL in the popup exception site list and click OK
  • Now try to open iDRAC console and validate whether everything works fine.

If you face any issue in following the same or if you have any other tips, feel free to let us know via comments session below.