5 Windows CMD Commands every windows users should know

5 Windows CMD Commands every windows users should know

Command Prompt is the powerful command line tool available inbuilt in windows operating system that is used to perform various simple and advanced tasks in faster and in more efficient way. The command prompt can be launched by typing “CMD” in the windows search or in the start menu. In this article we will be … Read more

How to view installed windows update on your computer

How to view installed windows update on your computer

Windows update is a feature available in the Microsoft operating system that provides regular updates to all the Microsoft applications files to enhance the performance and user experience but some Windows updates might cause application issues after installing it, so here in this article we will guide you on how to view and uninstall the … Read more

Printer defaults to wrong paper size while printing

printer paper size

In this digital age, printers have become indispensable tools in both homes and offices. They allow us to transform digital documents into tangible copies effortlessly. However, at times, you may encounter the need to change the paper size to match specific requirements. One such common requirement is changing the printer paper size to A4. A4 … Read more

How To View And Disconnect Remote Desktop Sessions

How to view and disconnect remote desktop sessions

In today’s fast-paced world, remote work and collaboration have become the norm. Being able to access and view remote desktop sessions is essential for professionals, IT administrators, and individuals seeking convenient ways to manage multiple devices from a distance. Whether you need to troubleshoot a technical issue, provide remote support to clients, or access your … Read more

Net User Command To Manage User Accounts From Cmd And Password

NET USER Command to check password expire details

Introduction In the digital age, managing user accounts efficiently is crucial for system administrators and IT professionals. The “net user” command in the Command Prompt (Cmd) is a powerful tool that allows users to manage various aspects of user accounts on Windows-based systems. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to using the “net user” … Read more

How to Run an App as a Different User in Windows

How to run application as different user in windows

Introduction In the Windows operating system, running an app as a different user allows you to execute the application using a different set of credentials than the ones you are currently logged in with. This feature comes in handy when you need to access files, folders, or network resources that require different permissions or when … Read more

How to fix iDRAC no trusted certificate found error

How to fix iDRAC no trusted certificate found error

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Disable Server Manager At Start Up In Windows Servers

Disable server manager at start up in Windows servers

Introduction Server Manager is a powerful tool used in Windows Server operating systems that allows administrators to manage various server roles, features, and configurations from a single interface. While it provides convenient access to important server management tasks, some users may find it unnecessary to have Server Manager launching at startup, especially on servers with … Read more

How To Check Who Restarted The Windows Server

Restarted The Windows Server

Introduction When managing a Windows server, knowing when and who restarted it can be crucial for maintaining system uptime and security. Unexpected or frequent restarts can indicate underlying problems, and monitoring these events can help prevent future issues. Importance of Monitoring Server Restarts Server restarts can occur for various reasons, such as software updates, configuration … Read more

How To Upgrade VMware Tools Automatically

How to upgrade VMware tools automatically

Introduction Upgrading VMware Tools is a crucial process for VMware administrators to ensure optimal performance and compatibility of virtual machines. VMware Tools is a set of utilities that enhance the interaction between the host and guest operating systems, allowing for improved graphics, mouse synchronization, and other essential features. In this article, we will walk you … Read more