PowerShell ping sweep

PowerShell ping sweep

Sometimes a user finds it harder to know how many IPs are connected to his computer. There are many easy ways to find them out but the most popular is Test-connection where you directly know the number of IPs working with your connection. Let’s see what you can learn about the PowerShell ping sweep. But … Read more

Find logged in users on remote computer

Windows administrators often experience situation to find & validate active logged in user session of bulk remote computers before performing administrative tasks and there are many ways to fetch the details, one of the time saving way is to find it out using powershell script. Here in this article we have used a simple single … Read more

How to check powershell version

Every windows operating system will have powershell installed by default. Find out what version of powershell is installed in your system by following the below mentioned steps. It is good to update your powershell version to newest release as updating to newest release will support many new advanced features. Steps: Launch the powershell console by … Read more

Powershell script to restart services on multiple computers

Windows operating system runs many services in background and they all are managed through services.msc console. Few application issues can be fixed by restarting their respective service. We can restart service of single computer by manually logging in to the computer using remote desktop connection, whereas if you experience issues with multiple computers then logging-in … Read more

Test-NetConnection to check if specific port is open in windows

There are many ways to check whether the specific port is open in our computer, today here I’m going to share the powershell way on how to check if specific port is open in windows. Test-NetConnection Powershell cmdlet: Test-NetConnection is the new cmdlet introduced by microsoft in powershell 4.0 version i.e from windows 8 and … Read more

Find-Uptime :: Powershell script to find uptime of remote computers

System administrators often used to find uptime of computers for various weekly or monthly reports and presentations. There are various commands and third party tools to find uptime of computers. Here in this article we used PowerShell script to find uptime of bulk remote computers. All you need to have is the hostname or IP … Read more