Printer defaults to wrong paper size while printing

We would have experienced issues with few of the printers were the default paper size of the word document will keep on changing and it prompt us to modify the paper size each and every time before printing.

This types of issues occur due to various reasons and here I will be sharing you one of the major reason why this issue occur and how to fix it.

There are different paper sizes used globally and the most majorly used one is letter and A4 size papers, few countries like North America and Canada uses letter whereas few European and Asian country’s uses A4 as the paper size.

Printer defaults to wrong paper size while printing:

Symptom of the issue:

Say suppose you have configured the printer and modified the default paper size to A4 but later while you were trying to print word document it still defaults us to use letter paper size instead of A4.

This type of issue can be resolved by following the below mentioned steps


This type of issues can occurs due to language setting in word document, say suppose your computer is configured with “English-USA” as language settings by default and we are trying to print the word document to the printer that is in India then this sort of issue occurs.

In order to fix this issue follow the below steps to modify the Language settings in your Word document.

  • Click File and go to Options
  • Tap on Language and “Add additional editing languages
  • Choose the language based on your printer and add it [here we have selected “English-India” as language in order to defaults the page size to A4]
  • Select it as the default editing language by tapping “Set as Default” and click “OK”
  • That’s all everything has been done, now try to test by printing any of the word document and note the default page size the document chooses automatically, in our case it should be A4.

Note: The above mentioned steps will work with all Microsoft Word versions that are currently in use, always please try have a backup copy of your document before trying out these steps.

Please feel free to share with us in the comments session below if you find any other tips that are missing here.