NET USER Command to check password expire details

One of the most common issues with the domain users is the password expiration, Windows domain user account password expire every 1,3 or even once in 6 months based on the group policy being assigned and followed in the organization.

Every organizations notify users 2 to 3 weeks prior before their password expire or we even will get pop-up in our computer stating that our windows login password is going to be expire soon and asks us to change it ASAP.

Few fail to notice these notifications and they may experience symptoms like unable to connect to network drives/resources and outlook mail boxes, later they ended up with IT Help desk team to fix the issue.

To overcome this sort of issues we should remember our account information’s like when password last set, when it’s about going to expire? We can find out these details via the simple command that’s listed below.

NET USER Command to check password expire details

Please follow the below instructions

  • Go to Start menu or to the Search bar
  • Type “CMD” or “Command Prompt” and press Enter to open Command Prompt window.
  • At the Command Prompt window type the below listed command and press Enter to display the user account details.

NET USER Administrator

  • The command will displays account information like when the password last set, when password expires and so on, we have simply used this command here to view our local computer administrator account properties whereas if you would like to view the account details of your organization user account please follow the command that is listed in next step.
  • Use the below listed command if your computer is added to your organization domain to fetch your organization user account details.

NET USER Username / Domain

  • We can also use NET USER command to perform various tasks like add/modify user accounts and to reset user account passwords etc. Syntax for more net user command can be found by using the below mentioned help command


Do you find any other ways to check password expiration details that is missing here? Share with us in the comments session below.