How to find which domain controller my computer is getting authenticated

If you are working in large active directory environment we all might experience active directory authentication issues were the initial level of troubleshooting will be checking out to which domain controller the computer is getting authenticated.

To find the exact domain controller information we use few set of commands that is listed below.

Echo Command:

Step-1: Open run command by pressing Windows plus R key.

Step-2: Type echo %logonserver% and press Enter

Step-3: The above command will list out the domain controller name to which your computer is getting authenticated.

NLTEST Command:

Step-1: Open run command by pressing Windows plus R key.

Step-2: Type the command that is listed below

nltest   /dsgetdc: Domain-name

Note: Replace your organization domain name in the place of “Domain-name” in the above mentioned command

Step-3: This command will display information like Domain name, IP Address and Forest name from where we can find our domain controller details in DC Name field.