How and why to set metered connections in windows

What is Metered connections? Metered connection is feature available in windows operating system that is used to limit the background data consumption in your computer, this feature is similar to the “Data Saver” that is available in our mobile phones. Why to set metered internet connection? ISP Providers will charge or restrict the bandwidth once … Read more

How to disable startup programs to boot windows 10 faster

Startup programs are few of the applications that will start running as soon the computer is turned on, few of the notable startup programs are like antivirus, Audio and Graphics applications, one drive and messaging applications. There are also few other applications that run in background while our computer is booting up and causes our … Read more

How to find which domain controller my computer is getting authenticated

If you are working in large active directory environment we all might experience active directory authentication issues were the initial level of troubleshooting will be checking out to which domain controller the computer is getting authenticated. To find the exact domain controller information we use few set of commands that is listed below. Echo Command: … Read more

How to shut down and restart bulk remote computers

There are several ways to reboot/shutdown remote computers at once and here in this article we would like to share you one of the way through which we can remotely shutdown/restart bulk of computers Note: The below method only works if you have administrative access to the remote machines that you would like to reboot or … Read more

Find logged in users on remote computer

Windows administrators often experience situation to find & validate active logged in user session of bulk remote computers before performing administrative tasks and there are many ways to fetch the details, one of the time saving way is to find it out using powershell script. Here in this article we have used a simple single … Read more

NET USE Command to get mapped network drive path

Mapping a network drive is so easy for all if they do have the correct shared network drive path, few users face issues in finding the network drive share path and this article will help you to find the mapped network drive path. How to find the Mapped Network Drive Share Path: There is a … Read more