5 Windows CMD Commands every windows users should know

Command Prompt is the powerful command line tool available inbuilt in windows operating system that is used to perform various simple and advanced tasks in faster and in more efficient way.

The command prompt can be launched by typing “CMD” in the windows search or in the start menu.

In this article we will be sharing you the 5 windows CMD commands every windows users should know in order to perform the tasks in more efficient way.


IPCONFIG command used to display IP Address of the computer, it also displays the following information such as default gateway and subnet mask of all the network adapters connected with the computer.

To use this command just type “ipconfig” in the command prompt window were you will be getting the list of network adapters along with their IP address, subnet mask and default gateway details.

There are few more IPCONFIG commands that are used to perform various tasks like IPCONFIG /ALL is used to display detailed information like MAC address and DNS of each network adapter and the syntax of more ipconfig commands can be viewed by typing the following in command prompt “ipconfig /?”

  • PING

PING command is used to test the connectivity between two nodes, say you are experiencing issues in connecting to internet or to any of your machines that are in network just launch the command prompt and type ping followed by the destination host name or IP address to verify the connectivity between the two nodes.

Ping command is also used to find the time that took for the destination node to respond and the number of packets that were getting failed in reaching the destination.

There are few more ping commands that are used to perform various tasks like “PING –A IP Address “is used to resolve IP address to host name and vice versa similarly “PING –T Host name” is used to perform continuous ping of certain host to analyse the ping drops statistics etc. the syntax of more ping commands can be viewed by typing the following in command prompt “PING /?”


NSLOOKUP stands for “name server lookup” is used to convert IP address to a hostname and vice versa, say you would like to find IP address of GOOGLE.COM just type “NSLOOKUP GOOGLE.COM” in command prompt that gives out response as below