How to shut down and restart bulk remote computers

There are several ways to reboot/shutdown remote computers at once and here in this article we would like to share you one of the way through which we can remotely shutdown/restart bulk of computers

Note: The below method only works if you have administrative access to the remote machines that you would like to reboot or shutdown.

Shutdown/Restart using command prompt:


  • Go to Command prompt
  • Type “shutdown –i” and click enter
Reboot Bulk Remote Computers
  • A new “Remote Shutdown” pop-up dialog-box will appear where we need to provide the below listed details in the following field’s
    • Computer Name: Click “Add” and provide computer name or IP address of the computers which we would like to shut down or reboot.
    • What do you want to do with this computers? Provide either reboot or shutdown according to your needs.
    • Warn users of the action: We can even warn/notify the active/live computer uses about reboot/shutdown.
    • Shutdown event tracker: Provide the comments about the reboot/shutdown.
  • Once all the required fields are provided click “OK” to perform the task.

Let us know in the comments session below if you face any issues in implementing the steps.

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