How to type in Tamil or Hindi regional language in Computer

We all would like to type in our own regional languages like for posting status in social media sites and to create small office documents.

Google Input Tools is a free software that is developed by Google to convert whatever we write in English to our native regional language in our computer.

How to use Google Input tools?

Step-1: Download the Google Input tools exe file by choosing your desired regional language from the official google page that is listed below

Google input tools

Step-2: Install the application by following the steps that’s instructed

Step-3: Once the application has been successfully installed there will be new language bar that get displayed in task bar near the date and time section.


Step-4: Click the language bar top open the Google Input Tools and select your desired language to which you like to convert the texts.


Step-5: Now open Word document and try to check by typing the words in English, Google input tools will automatically translate the words into your regional language.


That’s it and this is one of the easiest way to type regional language in your computer, please let us know if you are experiencing any issues in following the listed content in the comments session below.