How to disable startup programs to boot windows 10 faster

Startup programs are few of the applications that will start running as soon the computer is turned on, few of the notable startup programs are like antivirus, Audio and Graphics applications, one drive and messaging applications.

There are also few other applications that run in background while our computer is booting up and causes our computer to slow down, we can edit/disable startup programs to boot windows faster.

Steps to disable startup programs in windows 10:

Step 1: Open Task manager form the task bar

Step 2: In Task manager navigate to Startup tab

Step 3: Startup tab will list out the applications that are running in background while our computer boots up, from the available list try to disable the applications that you find unnecessary.

Step 4: Once unnecessary applications are disabled try to reboot your computer and check your computer boot time

The above mentioned steps not only helps in improving boot time whereas it also improves performance of the computer from slowing down.

Please try and let us know in the comments session below if there are any issues in following the same.