Disable server manager at start up in Windows servers

Server Manager is the console to manage services of windows server, server manager console will automatically open-up whenever we logged into any of the windows server.

Some users will find this feature annoying, so there are some ways through which we can disable this feature by following the below methods.

Easiest Method:

The easiest way to disable server manager pop-up is by disabling it on the server manager properties

  • Open server manager dashboard and go to Manage and click Server Manager Properties
  • Check the tick mark on “do not start server manager automatically at logon” check box and click OK to save the settings

Group Policy Method:

We can even disable via through group policy by following the below method.

  • Open group policy management [gpupdate.msc] console
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration → Administrative templates → System → Server Manager
Disable server manager at start-up
  • Open the Server Manager folder and double click “Do not display server manager automatically at logon” and set the field to Enabled and click OK to save the settings