NET USER Command to check password expire details

One of the most common issues with the domain users is the password expiration, Windows domain user account password expire every 1,3 or even once in 6 months based on the group policy being assigned and followed in the organization. Every organizations notify users 2 to 3 weeks prior before their password expire or we … Read more

How to run application as different user in windows

We all might use multiple user accounts with different access permissions for accessing the applications, in few cases we either need to switch between the another user account in order to access specific file share folders and application. Below steps explains how to run applications via different user account: Choose the application which you wish … Read more

How to fix iDRAC no trusted certificate found error

We might experience the following error code “no trusted certificate found” while opening the iDRAC console via chrome browser using java. iDRAC no trusted certificate found In this case the issue might get fixed while we try to open iDRAC console via Internet Explorer and there are few cases were opening via internet explorer too … Read more

Disable server manager at start up in Windows servers

Server Manager is the console to manage services of windows server, server manager console will automatically open-up whenever we logged into any of the windows server. Some users will find this feature annoying, so there are some ways through which we can disable this feature by following the below methods. Easiest Method: The easiest way … Read more

How to check who rebooted the windows server machine

We might experience reboot issues with few of the windows servers/machines and might have noticed that the machine got restarted unexpectedly without our notice and it makes us annoyed. There are few ways to figure out the exact cause of the reboot and who performed the reboot by following the below mentioned steps Steps: Event … Read more

How to upgrade VMware tools automatically

VMware tools is the utility that is used to improve the performance of the guest virtual machine and its necessary to keep the VMware tools up to date in order for the guest VM to function without any issues. Updating VMware tools is simple and it would require restart of the virtual machine to complete … Read more

How and why to set metered connections in windows

What is Metered connections? Metered connection is feature available in windows operating system that is used to limit the background data consumption in your computer, this feature is similar to the “Data Saver” that is available in our mobile phones. Why to set metered internet connection? ISP Providers will charge or restrict the bandwidth once … Read more

How to disable startup programs to boot windows 10 faster

Startup programs are few of the applications that will start running as soon the computer is turned on, few of the notable startup programs are like antivirus, Audio and Graphics applications, one drive and messaging applications. There are also few other applications that run in background while our computer is booting up and causes our … Read more

How to find which domain controller my computer is getting authenticated

If you are working in large active directory environment we all might experience active directory authentication issues were the initial level of troubleshooting will be checking out to which domain controller the computer is getting authenticated. To find the exact domain controller information we use few set of commands that is listed below. Echo Command: … Read more